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TRUMPF TruTool N 1000

Cuts through thick sheets with ease

The TRUMPF TruTool N 1000 is a powerful power tool ideally suited to cutting through doubled sheets, with thicknesses up to 0.4 inc. and bends of up to 90°, without feed force. Users apply this power tool in instances where they need to dismantle tanks and containers. Ergonomic and easy to use despite its weight of 32.4 lbs.

It cuts with a two speed motor and the handle can be rotated through 180°. With four different cutting directions and ability to turn the power tool through 360° in 4 steps of 90°,  you can choose the right speed and configuration for the material thickness and type of workpiece. You also have the additional flexibility offered with the rectangular punch for cuts across edges and weld seams.


Durable and Reliable with Sophisticated Gear Technology

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