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Machines In Stock

Machines In Stock

View our range of machines in stock and available for immediate delivery

Machines In Stock

Skip the line and get your hands on a brand-new machine without the extra lead time.

Our machines in stock are available for inspection and immediate delivery. Free shipping is included if you are based in the same city the machine is located.

TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 12kW laser cutting machine

First-class TRUMPF quality and expertise with low investment and operation costs – this is what you will get with the machines from the TruLaser Series 1000.
  • Reliable job handling
  • Superior processing and welding
  • Operate in beginner or advanced mode
  • Safe laser cutting

JFY BFC Laser Cutting Machine

High-performance entry level, all-purpose laser that enables a wide range of cutting applications for different industries, encompassing automotive, electrical engineering & more.
  • High cutting quality
  • Minimal investment
  • Safe to use
  • High operability

OMAX Maxiem 1530 Waterjet Cutting Machine

The MAXIEM is a precision system that can cut virtually any material of any thickness quickly and efficiently, maximising production and profitability.
  • Fast precise cutting
  • Powerful controller
  • Highly versatile
  • Predictive maintenance

OMAX ProtoMAX Waterjet Cutting Machine

With 30,000 psi pump pressure the ProtoMAX is the most efficient water jet cutting machine for its size. Metal, glass, plastic, wood and more. Ideal for light commercial applications, DIY makerspaces, and educational institutions where cutting time matters.
  • Versatile (metal, glass, plastic, wood)
  • Perfect for <1 inch thicknesses
  • 3-4 hour install
  • Industry leading software

Citizen Cincom L32 CNC Lathe

The L32 is one of the best-selling Cincom machines, making contouring and drilling holes at various angles simple. Highly suited for precision machining at high speeds.
  • Ideal for precision parts
  • High speed machining
  • Machine multiple parts simultaneously
  • Modular design

Hyundai XF6300 5 Axis CNC Machine

The XF series 5-axis vertical machining centre in the world-best level, realising the ultimate performance in composite machining and mould machining.
  • Minimal thermal deformation
  • High accuracy + high speed
  • Reduced spindle vibration
  • All in one column/bed structure

Timesavers 42 Deburring and Linishing Machine

A multi-rotating brush machine, with eight brushes, deburrs in uniformity. It rounds edges of metal to perfection. Produce a rounding radius of up to at least 2 mm. Available in 1350 mm and 1600 mm width.
  • High speed and feed
  • 8 brushes
  • Process small & large parts
  • Versatile (stainless steel, aluminium, zincor, zinc)

Timesavers 32 Deburring and Linishing Machine

The 32 series deburring machine is suitable for a variety of metal and laser cut parts. They are compact, dry operating machines for deburring, edge rounding and finishing sheet metal and metal parts.
  • Perfect machine for the metal machining industry
  • Machine working width: 1100 mm
  • The 4 brushes have a total of 15 m2 of abrasive agent
  • Removal of the oxide skin with a special brush

Timesavers 12 Deburring and Linishing Machine

The Timesavers 12 Series is dry-working deburring machine that can be equipped with an abrasive belt, disc or both. This linishing machine is available in two sizes, 225 and 600 mm. Suited to a variety of metal types.
  • Deburring, edge rounding, grinding
  • Remove vertical burrs easily
  • Suitable for stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper
  • Applicable for laser cut & water jet cut parts

Timesavers 10 Deburring and Linishing Machine

The Timesavers 10 Series is an affordable substitute for manual deburring, edge rounding, Equipped with a side for heavy-duty grinding and deburring as well as a brush for metal finishing, deburring and rounding.
  • 3-4x faster than manual deburring
  • Uniform rounding of edges,
  • Quick and simple switching
  • High-friction surface mat to fix parts

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