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KraussMaffei is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and systems for producing and processing plastics.
Case Study

KraussMaffei installed injection moulding machine for high-viscosity PE pipe fittings for the plastics industry


KraussMaffei, a leading manufacturer of injection moulding machinery, took on a major challenge by installing one of the largest injection moulding machines in Switzerland. This system was designed to produce massive high-viscosity polyethylene (PE) pipe fittings up to 500mm in diameter and weighing up to 120kg for the plastics industry.

Implementing such a large injection moulding system presented special challenges beyond just the technical requirements of high shot weight and quality. The machine needed the flexibility to handle different materials and geometries via two interconnected yet independently operable injection units. Processing the high-viscosity PE material on the massive press was another obstacle.

The Challenge

Implementing a new injection moulding system of this magnitude was certainly a special challenge. In addition to the technical parameters such as a high shot weight and high quality at every point, the system had to meet other criteria about flexibility in selecting materials and geometry. To ensure the latter, the machine needed to be equipped with two injection units that can be interconnected but are also capable of being operated independently. Another interesting challenge was dealing with the high-viscosity polyethylene 10 material on the large press.

The Solution and implementation

The solution involved optimising screw geometries and drives for the plasticising unit. By controlling the melt temperature during plasticising, they were able to prevent overheating and thermal decomposition of the material. This also allowed for high plasticizing output with impressive melt quantities.

The MXH 3200 – 101,000/101,000, operates in the clamping force range of up to 32,000 kN, with a maximum shot weight of 120 kg and a screw diameter of 2 x 265 mm. In 2014, KraussMaffei installed this injection moulding machine, one of the largest in Switzerland to date in terms of clamping force and shot weight, and it began production.

To achieve the flexibility the customer wanted in terms of material, size, and geometry during production, the injection moulding machine was equipped with two arranged injection units that could be connected if necessary. The shot weight can be freely selected from 5 to 120 kg. Each injection unit can also be operated independently of one another. This results in a high level of application flexibility in process control.

Enhanced flexibility and efficiency with plasticisation adaptation modules and cutting-edge robotic

The plasticisation adaptation modules offer further flexibility in the production of pipe fittings. For example, this particular customer can install a smaller SP 33000 injection unit and thus quickly switch to production with other materials.

An IR KR500 L340 industrial robot with a maximum load capacity of up to 340 kg ensures safe handling of pipe fittings weighing up to 120 kg. This is reportedly the largest industrial robot ever installed on an injection moulding machine. Additionally, its linear travel axis offers more flexibility when handling heavy components. The special gripper technology allows precise interaction between removing and gripping, with a multifunctional gripper designed for different nominal diameters of the fittings and jaw padding to protect the fittings from damage.

KraussMaffei’s BluePower Servo Drive technology supports an energy-efficient manufacturing process by optimising the energy of hydraulic drives and reducing idle losses, resulting in lower energy consumption for the machine.

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KraussMaffei MX Series Brochure

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