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Enhanced efficiency in sheet metal inspection with InspecVision Planar P110.25
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Case Study

Enhanced efficiency in sheet metal inspection with InspecVision Planar P110.25


In the competitive world of sheet metal fabrication, being efficient and precise is key to staying ahead of the competition. Advanced inspection technology plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and reliability of fabricated parts. This case study shows how BVS Group, a top German sheet metal company, tackled its inspection issues with InspecVision’s Planar P110.25 machine. The implementation of this technological solution can streamline the inspection protocols, thereby boosting output and optimising operational procedures across various production facilities within the sheet metal industry.

About BVS Group: Founded in 1989 by one man with a single machine, today, BVS Group employs over 300 people across three locations: BVS Blechtechnik, based in Böblingen, a subsidiary BVS Systemtechnik in Schwerin and a Chinese joint venture, BVS Chenghua.

A sheet metal fabrication company, BVS Group offer custom-made sheet metal products, assembly of components, ESD assembly and contract manufacturing of end devices for a wide range of industries including electrical engineering, renewable energy, medical technology and telecommunications. BVS Gruppe Website


BVS faced significant inefficiencies with their existing 2D laser scanning system used for inspecting sheet metal parts. The laser system encountered frequent issues, including the need for regular glass replacements. Moreover, the inspection speed was notably slow, especially for complex parts, hindering the company’s operational efficiency and productivity. The extended inspection times were particularly problematic for parts with intricate designs, such as perforated grids, where a single part inspection could take up to four hours.


Seeking a more efficient alternative, they explored various options and were introduced to InspecVision’s Planar P110.25 at TRUMPF’s annual customer event, INTECH, in Ditzingen. InspecVision, a TRUMPF partner, is the only inspection system recommended by TRUMPF to their customers. The Planar P110.25 machine offered a promising solution to BVS Group’s challenges, providing a highly automated and efficient inspection process. According to Harald Steiner, founder of BVS Group, the InspecVision Planar 2D machine is used between thirty and fifty times a day in production, improving the efficiency of the inspection process by 50%. 


The implementation of the Planar P110.25 machine at BVS marked a significant improvement in their inspection process. The machine is now used between thirty and fifty times a day in production, primarily operated by punch-laser machine operators due to its user-friendly interface. This change has reduced the dependency on the QA department, which now only needs to intervene occasionally.

The efficiency gains were substantial. According to Maximilian Steiner, Managing Director of BVS Group, the inspection of a perforated grid with 10,000 holes, which previously took four hours with the laser scanner, is now completed in just three and a half minutes with the Planar machine. This improvement not only enhances productivity but also frees up valuable time for operators to focus on other critical tasks.


The introduction of the InspecVision Planar P110.25 machine at BVS has changed their sheet metal inspection process, leading to a 50% improvement in efficiency. It highlights BVS Group’s dedication to innovation and operational excellence. As they keep expanding and adjusting to market needs, BVS Group serves as a great example of how strategic technology investments can truly transform a business. 

Are you looking to drastically improve inspection efficiency and precision in your sheet metal fabrication processes?

Boost your inspection process with InspecVision’s cutting-edge Planar P110.25 technology. Reach out to our experts and discover how we can effortlessly integrate and assist you for maximum efficiency and quality assurance in your production processes.


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