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Your Best Defence is a Makino a61nx

Your Best Defence is a Makino a61nx

Makino’s a61nx: It’s rigid, precise and drastically reduces cycle times

In Defence, we know the above is fundamental to producing accurate parts. But what if we could tell you, what you’ll also achieve with a Makino a61nx Horizontal machining center?

Tool life lengthened

  • Cost of tooling significantly reduced.
  • Its rigid platform ensures tool deflection is reduced and wear and tear on the tool is also reduced.


  • Shorter part cycles and changing production volumes can be achieved with ease.
  • Reduced machining costs to ensure each project is profitable, no matter how small the run.
  • Large roller-type linear guides ensure a large variety and size of parts can be machined.
  • Also available in a tall column (730mm) to enable machining of larger parts.

Large Pallet Size

  • 500 x 500 mm
  • X: 730 mm Y: 650 mm std (730 mm opt) Z: 800 mm

High Speed Spindle

  • 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle features 303 Nm of torque
  • Avoiding recutting of chips, especially in aerospace and medical materials, improving tool life and part surface finish.

Automated, Un-manned Manufacturing

  • The work-pallet magazine supports continuous unattended manufacturing. You can run continual shifts and only stop to re-stock the work-pallet magazine.
  • This means you can have a skilled CNC operator set up the machine during the day and have a reduced workforce in the evening for continuous production.

Read RUAG’s story on the Makino a61nx, a Melbourne based defence manufacture.