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Workshop: The Effective, Safe Way to Cut Your Porcelain

Workshop: The Effective, Safe Way to Cut Your Porcelain

Learn to cut porcelain with a waterjet, at Headland’s workshop in early 2020.  

During this workshop, learn all about abrasive waterjet cutting for stone and porcelain. The workshop will include system set up and programming for the best results. We also show you tips and tricks to achieve the best from your abrasive waterjet system. 

An OMAX waterjet is an environmentally friendly and productive way to cut a variety of materials and thicknesses. With accuracy, efficiency, and safety in mind, it cuts up to 50% faster than other waterjets. A faster, cleaner and safer cutting method that also saves you money. Your Omax system can cut all types of stone products such as Silastone, Ceasar Stone, Dekton, Maximum and many many more, in thickness up to 200 mm. The controls within the software allow you to precisely control your cutting speed. Therefore, the cut surface finish. For a finished edge or a surface to bond to, abrasive waterjet cutting creates a satin-smooth edge. It is more precise, reducing secondary operations.  

Register your interest now for this in-house stone demonstration in Burwood, Victoria.