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Discover How Wire EDM Can Revolutionise Production

Discover How Wire EDM Can Revolutionise Production

The New Generation of Machining Centres: Wire EDM

EDM (electrical discharge machining) uses electrical sparks to create metal shapes. Current discharges, or sparks, happen between two electrodes. This cuts shapes from metal. Sparks happen, which cuts the metal and creates the shape you want and detaches it from your metal sheet. Wire EDM (wire electrical discharge machining) refers to electrothermal production. This involves thin, single-strand metal wire and de-ionised water (which creates electricity).

The wire cuts metal via heat from electric sparks and prevents rust. The wire is between two spools and when moving, the active wire switches. This means material does not erode from the wire.

These machines have been revolutionising production for manufacturers for over 50 years. Makino’s range provide accurate, affordable material removal. They now provide even more precise production and tooling.

EDM creates electrical discharge between the wire or electrode and your workpiece. As the spark jumps across the gap, it removes material from your workpiece and electrode. You can machine complex parts and precision components out of hard, conductive materials with ease. To prevent sparking from shorting out, a non-conductive fluid or dielectric is necessary. The dielectric removes the waste material.

Why Select EDM?

  • For hard materials and alloys of various thicknesses
  • Ensures remarkable results and finishes
  • Post-processing and surface treatments are no longer necessary
  • Accuracy, predictability, and repeatability every time
  • Great for smaller production projects with tight tolerances
  • More cost-effective and time-efficient than other methods

About Makino

Do you need to thread small holes close together? Or do you need general EDM work? Makino’s range of machines are superior for material removal. They are a world leader in CNC machinery. This includes:

Headland is the exclusive representative for Makino machinery in Australia.

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