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Why Waterjet Technology is Ideal for TAFES and Technical Institutions

Why Waterjet Technology is Ideal for TAFES and Technical Institutions

Why use a waterjet in your TAFE or Technical School?

  • Waterjets are a safe and easy to operate technology for educational institutes where typically students in TAFE’s and technical schools have little or no prior experience to running a machine.
  • Waterjets can cut a variety of materials, so students are not limited to cutting sheet metal. You can cut composites, metals, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, glass, stone, concrete, ceramics, foam and rubber.
  • No formal drawings are required to be able to cut the part out. A simple CAD drawing or image can be uploaded and the part can be cut out.
  • The time to cut a part can be achieved within a few minutes.
  • National support and ongoing training is provided, to ensure you get the most out of your technology.
  • With the free software upgrades, students will always be learning on the most up to date software so they are ready for the workforce.

How a waterjet works


What ongoing support do you receive from Headland and OMAX?

  • Free software support for the life of your machine.
  • Installation training and support throughout installation and post set-up.
  • Our goal is to make sure you use the waterjet to its full capacity in a safe environment.
  • We have trained engineers to ensure its installed correctly and you receive support Australia-wide.
  • We’ll also conduct training on-site so you know how to operate the machine, use the software and students can use in a safe and efficient way.

Who’s already using one?

Ready to learn more?

We can set up a zoom demonstration or a face to face demonstration to show you how it works and operates. We can also talk about budgets and inclusions such as garnet and spare parts required.

You can also view the range and various types of waterjets here. Or view OMAX’s website.