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What is a Waterjet Cutting Machine and Why Do I Need One?

What is a Waterjet Cutting Machine and Why Do I Need One?

Cutting machinery is an essential piece of the manufacturing process puzzle for countless companies across countless industries – the quality of a cut is instrumental in literally and metaphorically shaping the calibre of the finished product.

Choosing the wrong type of cutting machine could seriously affect the quality of your output, and negatively impact your business. Should you be using a laser cutting machine? Or should you be using a Waterjet machine?

In this article, we explore what a waterjet cutting machine is, and why you need one!

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What is a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Waterjet cutting is a process by which a range of materials are cut using a powerful jet stream of either pure water, or water mixed with an abrasive substance. Waterjet cutting is commonly used in manufacturing, primarily in industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence & military, food – the list goes on!

Maxiem 1530 Waterjet by OMAX

Why Do I Need a Waterjet Machine?

No Heat Affected Zones

If you’re after a clean cut, with no heat affected zones or hardening, then a waterjet cutting machine is definitely the right choice for you.

Complex Directional Capabilities

The waterjet cutting machine has the ability to cut in many different directions, perfect for complex or intricate designs.

Flexible Machine Integration

If you want to involve more than one machine in the cutting process, it’s easy to do so with waterjet cutting machines. They have integration flexibility, meaning they can easily be hooked up to other machines involved in the manufacturing process.

Saves Raw Materials

With its built-in nesting capabilities and a small cutting kerf width, the waterjet machine does not waste  raw materials as with traditional laser cutting machines. If you would like to maximise your stock materials, consider investing in a waterjet!

The OMAX Waterjet Range – Cutting with a Difference

Explore the range of OMAX waterjet cutters to see what could be your best fit!

ProtoMax Waterjet by OMAX

Abrasive Waterjet by OMAX

MicroMax Waterjet by OMAX


GlobalMax Waterjet by OMAX


Maxiem Waterjet

Maxiem Waterjet by OMAX

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