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Case Study

WH Williams

WH Williams

WH Williams is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of custom-made metal products, providing a range of conventional and unique sheet metal engineering services such as laser cutting, bending and welding.

Founded in 1948 by William Hayne Williams, WH Williams has decades of tradition and experience with cutting edge technology and employs only the best qualified workers to complete projects within specific timelines.

When Headland spoke to Dean Williams, CEO of WH Williams, it was clear why they choose TRUMPF as a standard for their business.

“We have seven TRUMPF machines – we can really see the benefits of standardising here, especially from a software, training and maintenance perspective. As a result, setup times are minimised – this is critical for us due to our short production runs, as the setup time for a job can makeup a large component of the overall outcome.”

“Standardisation is a key to our success – we only have TRUMPF lasers and press brakes, Kemppi welding machines, Nissan forklifts and Dell computers. This helps us to reduce training costs and develop long-term relationships with suppliers.

Since the first TRUMPF machine landed in the factory in 1997, WH Williams have always been happy with the equipment and never looked back. “TRUMPF is definitely the industry leader and we have come to expect having only the best technology here”.

Most importantly, for customers, it means that questions or issues are solved with the highest priority, without transfer or the run around.

Known for their flexibility, high quality and speedy turn around times, this ensures that WH Williams are at the top of their game, giving them the competitive advantage. Their strong belief in locally made products not only supports the future for Australians in the workforce, but WH Williams trust that “our sheet metal fabrication services are second to none.’

This said, Dean Williams certainly recognises the challenging future ahead for the industry. “In the past, steady industry growth could mask inefficiencies, but the industry faces lower growth levels than the past – this only just amplifies the need to not only have the best machines, but also the best processes around them so efficiency is maximised”.

It is then no wonder then that the partnership between WH Williams and Headland has flourished. The importance both companies place on passion, service and support within the industry are second to none.

For more information, visit www.whwilliams.com.au