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Waterjet Technology a Key Ingredient for EV Manufacturing

Waterjet Technology a Key Ingredient for EV Manufacturing

Waterjet Technology a Key Ingredient for EV Manufacturing

OMAX have recently written an article on how waterjet technology is popular for manufacturers within the EV industry.

Waterjets are most versatile when cutting multiple different materials, “the versatility of the waterjet’s ability to cut thick steel and aluminium to plastic, foam rubber and carbon fiber, without changing the cutting head” read more.

One company in the San Francisco area are using OMAX waterjets on a large scale. They are manufacturing various different parts from light materials to help offset the weight of the batteries. Manufacturing  every other component of the car to ensure it is a as light as possible ensures that the car uses less power to move.

OMAX have a range of features to help meet the needs for EV manufacturers:

  • For long machining, OMAX customers opt for OMAX Bulk Abrasive Delivery System. This system can hold a large volume of garnet away from the waterjet itself to ensure the part can continue to process.
  • If waterjets are in hot or humid environments, users can the OMAX Chiller to optimise the inlet chiller.
  • When cutting carbon fibre some waterjet uses incorporate the Collision Sensing Terrain Follower automatically compensates for height changes in uneven materials.
  • Waterjets are being used in a production capacity for machining EV automotive parts and also for prototyping read more on the OMAX website.

Read about our range of waterjet options from OMAX.