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Waterjet Stone Cutting with OMAX

Waterjet Stone Cutting with OMAX

Waterjet stone cutting has proven to be the most reliable, trusted method for a smooth, professional finish.

The type of machine used for cutting certain materials is instrumental in shaping the standard of the output that’s produced.

If you’re after high calibre produce with a smooth finish, then an OMAX waterjet is just the thing for you.

As well as producing optimum output, a waterjet cutting machine can also be instrumental in preventing health hazards associated with cutting stone – silicosis.


Prevent Health Hazard Silicosis

Choosing the correct cutting solution for stone is more than just a smooth finish – there are complications that can arise when care is not taken.

Silicosis is a deadly lung disease that arises from stone cutting, and generally impacts workers in quarrying, mining and construction.

According to a recent article published by the Victorian Government,

Stonemasons are at higher risk due to the cutting and polishing of artificial stone benchtops which contain high concentrations of silica.

Silicosis mainly stems from the cutting of stone materials, containing crystalline silica, which produce the deadly dust.

Thankfully, by cutting wet materials with the OMAX waterjet range, you can reduce the risk of contracting silicosis as there is a much lower chance of the dust being produced.


Cutting Stone with OMAX Waterjet

Safely and effectively cut stone and porcelain with the Maxiem 5-axis waterjet. Cutting reliably for 50% faster cutting than any other waterjet.

The OMAX Maxiem range guarantees a safe and accurate cut, with easy-to-use software, achieving maximum productivity for your cutting needs and reduces dust particles.

Remain and peak efficiency thanks to the Intelli-VISOR system monitoring included:

  •  Safely cut porcelain, granite, marble, slate and other stone
  • Fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any competitive abrasive waterjet
  • Backed by OMAX Intelli-MAX software with real-world cutting data
  • Small, efficient foot print (5,486mm L x 2,692mm H) for minimal floor space utilisation
  • Powerful, all-in-one controller
  • Reduce unexpected downtime with the Intelli-VISOR SE System Monitoring
  • National support and spare parts

Download the spec sheet or book a personal demo with one of our in-house specialists.

Download Spec Sheet here.


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