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Smart Reasons To Own An Abrasive Waterjet Cutter

Smart Reasons To Own An Abrasive Waterjet Cutter

Utilise an abrasive waterjet cutter, instead of outsourcing your workload. 

A Maxiem 1530 abrasive waterjet cutter sets a high standard for precision machining. They are an ideal solution for fabricators, CNC, and sheet metal manufacturing. Maxiem waterjets can cut almost any material, of any thickness. The quick and efficient way to cut metal, glass, plastic, composite and much more.  

Complement our CNC machine with your waterjet cutter.

Abrasive waterjet cutting machines make an ideal complementary addition to your existing CNC machine. The business case for purchasing an abrasive waterjet is now commercially viable. You no longer need to outsource your waterjet cutting. 

Drive more revenue and profit with your waterjet cutter. 

Run an abrasive waterjet in parallel with your CNC machine. This increases your production capacity a great deal. You also reduce costs because the material yield is superior. The operator does not need to be as experienced, trained or expensive. This reduces labour costs. 

Increase your production speed and capacity.

Abrasive waterjets increase your production speed. You can use the machine in parallel to roughing in and first operations. (And allow your CNC machine to do more high precision work.)

Save time, money and produce a better yield.

It can cut closer to the material edge, so there’s less wastage. You can run the Maxiem in parallel, with less experienced operators.  

Lower your operational costs. 

The owner can perform a great deal of the preventative maintenance tasks. This will limit the number of visits and costs associated with a factory-trained technician performing maintenance. One tool cuts everything, with very little setup time to run a job. The operator can be less trained and experienced, resulting in lower labour costs. Training and teaching your operators how to use the machine to its full capacity is quick and easy. So, there will be less time sitting idle before the machine is operational.

Reduce the need for training and upskilling as well as labour costs. 

A highly trained, experienced and qualified technician is not necessary to run the machine. Training your technician is quick and easy, so you can be up and running faster. They will be running it with efficiency in days. 

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