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Waterjet a Big Hit in TAFEs

Waterjet a Big Hit in TAFEs

TAFEs’ love OMAX and MAXIEM Waterjet Cutting Machines

Waterjet cutting machine technology is unbeatable in terms of its speed and the high quality output it produces. As a result, it’s very popular in the manufacturing and engineering industries – but lately, it’s been getting attention from the TAFE sector too.

At Headland, one of our primary focuses is supporting the TAFE sector.  Making sure students have access to technology to spark enthusiasm and to learn, can only benefit the industry for the future.

One of the technologies which fits perfectly within this scope is the Protomax Abrasive Waterjet by OMAX.  Abrasive waterjet systems are an incredibly versatile technology which can produce any shape you require from any material you wish to cut. There is also a great deal of interest in the large waterjets such as the Maxiem 1530.

We are seeing a lot of TAFEs and technical schools incorporating these waterjet cutting machines into their workshops mainly due to their:

  • ease of use
  • practicality
  • wide scope of application
  • safety, it doesn’t create heat as it cuts
  • software support, with unlimited licences and on-going free upgrades for the education sector
  • technical support Australia-wide

We recently featured in Bendigo Tech School’s weekly publication:

ProtoMAX Tech School

Here is our STEAM Technical Officer Matt showing off our newly installed OMAX ProtoMAX Waterjet cutter.

The waterjet cutter is fast becoming a staple of industries that use hi-tech materials. It’s safer than a plasma or laser cutter and doesn’t create heat when it cuts, therefore it can be used to cut materials such as carbon fiber composites and titanium.

The best thing about a waterjet cutter is that it can cut through anything! Given enough time it will cut a diamond in half!

We will be using the waterjet cutter to create prototype parts for our students accurately and safely in a whole range of materials.

For further information about waterjet cutting technology, download our comparative pocket guide here.

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