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Warehouse Storage Systems


5 Fast Facts About Hanel Vertical Storage Systems for your Warehouse

Storage that increases floor space? Hanel Vertical Storage Systems for your warehouse needs to be seen to be believed.

1. Hanel saves 80% more floor space

Hanel Lean Lift warehouse storage systems use available room height instead of floor space, saving the little floor space you have.

2. Energy and space saving storage solutions

Save energy and increase cost effectiveness of your warehouse and materials handling. Hanel warehouse storage systems can be customised to suit power tools storage, spare parts storage or any other products that require racking.

3. Ergonomic and safe warehouse storage systems 

The ergonomic carousel design minimises the physical strain for users because the product is brought to waist level instead of having to bend down or reach up.

4. Slash your work time and get organised 

Integrated with a microprocessor control system, the Hanel Lean-Lift brings the item to you in seconds. Access times are reduced and order-picking performance is improved.

5. Don’t waste time, manage your parts accurately

Hanel microprocessor controllers such as mpx-Host can be used as stand-alone inventory management systems or communicate with your own database. This means you can access your records at any time, while keeping your database secure.

Microprocessor controller mpx-Host for your Hanel

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