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Increase your warehouse productivity with the Hänel Vertical Storage System


With a large number of distributors now focused on Online Web Ordering and Customer Relationship Management automation., technology adoption within the Warehouse Distribution industry is increasing rapidly. How can existing warehousing infrastructures leverage new trends?

Technology & Benefits:

Scanning Technologies.
Scanning equipment in the warehouse is essential, to maximise inventory throughput, increase productivity and improve accuracy. Supporting real-time data capture at the point of transaction to ensure accuracy.

The Internet of Things (IoT).
A “smart warehouse” can serve to boost efficiency through the entire supply chain. Connected devices and sensors can help manage inventory – quantity, price, time and place. Resulting in an intelligent supply chain, a reduction in asset losses and warehouse inventory optimisation and accuracy.

Sales Force Automation. 
SFA uses software to automate the business end of sales which includes order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking and sales forecasting.​

Customer Relationship Management.
Manage customer experience with effective marketing campaigns and after-sales support. Ensure you build strong customer relationships with a powerful CRM tool.​

Enterprise Resource Planning.
ERP is a business software that uses a system of integrated applications to manage a business and its many back-office functions, including CRM, inventory management, accounting, human resources and more, as one complete system.​

Warehouse Management System.
A WMS is a software application that supports the day-to-day operations within your distribution business, providing centralised management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.​

Business analytics track customer information and their investment level in your company, so distributors can not only follow customer buying behaviours but also predict their future purchases.​

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