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Case Study

Waddell Engineering and their New Makino D500

Waddell Engineering and their New Makino D500

Headland interviews David Waddell, owner of Waddell Engineering, on his recent purchase of the Makino D500, 5-axis Machining Centre.

What was the main driver for this new machine purchase?

‘The main reason I decided to purchase the D500 was the five access machining capabilities it offers, the versatility and extra capacity were also key drivers. We needed to take some pressure off existing machines for our die mould production and the D500 was the best choice in terms of offering more options and increased output while also enhancing the quality of our machining,’ says Waddell.

How will the Makino D500 change things for the better?

‘Well now we can do the job in one set-up instead of three, so that is the key advantage. It doesn’t take any longer to set up and we don’t have to touch the job again until it’s complete. As we are only setting up the job once, there is less chance of making mistakes. This machine will add more and more benefit to the company as the work-load increases, I was thinking long-term when I decided to purchase the Makino machine’, comments Waddell.

About Waddell Engineering

Waddell Engineering is a General Engineering company that specialises in highly accurate die mould work for the brass forging industry. They have been in business for over 20 years and currently have four staff. They are currently going through a growth stage and acquired the machinery to help them meet the new demands of their customers.

When asked what David feels has added to their success in business he responds, ‘I thoroughly research when it comes to making large capital purchases, I evaluate the machinery and buy the best I can and I place a lot of emphasis on the returns from the machinery purchase and the Makino offered the best return in the long-run. I also employ the best people possible with the most experience and I promote a clean, safe and enjoyable working environment. Occasionally I even cook up a large breakfast on Friday mornings. I feel this all helps to attract and keep the right people which make Waddell Engineering successful.’

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