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Visit our Sydney showroom to view TRUMPF lasers, Hyundai CNC machines (AU only), OMAX waterjets & more


We invite you to visit our technology showroom and see firsthand the wide range of innovative products we have available now. We presently have a range of high-demand CNC lathe, sheet metal, metal fabrication, abrasive water jet cutting, and deburring machines ready for immediate shipment to manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. Check out our showroom in Sydney at

Headland Technology
23-25 Muriel Avenue, Rydalmere, NSW, Australia 2116.

To secure a showing you must contact Nigel Kelly at 0429 417 489 or email nigelk@headland.com.au

TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 12kW/2-D cutting machine: 

Designed for precision and high-production cutting applications:  

The TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 fiber 12 kW TruDisk is a reliable and cost-effective machine for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and reflective materials. It provides many technological advances and is easy to operate. It is an entry-level solution for laser cutting with low investment and operating costs. 

Key features:  

  • Brightline fiber for reliable cutting. 
  • 12 kW TruDisk laser source for cutting Mild Steel up to 32mm. 
  • Cool Line for cutting finer details in thicker Mild Steel. 
  • Sorting Guide for easy identification and sorting of cut parts. 

OMAX 1530 abrasive water jet cutting machine: 

Especially suited for high-precision cutting 

The highly advanced software in MAXIEM provides one-micron resolution instant feedback to the motor system, allowing the machine to know where the cutting head is at all times, making this machine highly suited to high-precision parts. 

Easier to use than ever before 

The MAXIEM has a mobile HMI station with a 23″ widescreen display for easy operation. It offers flexibility in controller positioning, 5-axis cutting, taper compensation, and rapid water level control. Quick fixturing and part clamping is available.  

Two CITIZEN CNC machines (M532VIII and L32XII models): 

The next generation of CNC Automatic Lathe 

The Citizen Cincom range of machines are sliding headstock-type automatic swiss type CNC Lathe’s with advanced features. They use low-frequency vibration technology (LVF) for small-diameter deep-hole machining in difficult-to-chip materials. It offers the ability to finish components requiring multiple Mlling & Turning features including 5 axis features in one setup. 

Hyundai XF6300 CNC 5-axis (AU only): 

Minimal part deformation with the XF6300 

The machine’s symmetric z-axis structure and the box-type saddle design of its x-axis not only improves strength but minimise overall thermal displacement and deformation of machined parts. 

Suited for high-precision part machining 

The long-lasting, high-precision spindle of the XF6300 not only makes it ideal for high-precision parts but minimises downtimes in your operation. The spindle oil chiller also helps ensure constant spindle temperature thereby minimising thermal deformation. 

JFY BFC+ 3015: 

The JFY BFC 3015 is a high-performance laser-cutting machine designed for sheet metal fabrication. It has an intuitive user interface and supports various advanced cutting functions like multi-stage piercing, segmented/stepping patterns, fly cut, frog-leap, kerf compensation, and lead-in cutting. 

The machine can import design files in various formats directly into the control system. It uses JFY’s latest single-module fiber lasers that offer superior beam quality, compact size, and high conversion efficiency, making them suitable for high-frequency laser cutting and clean-edge cutting. 

The BFC 3015 comes equipped with Precitec cutting head, which has an optimised optical and water-cooling system to enable continuous, stable high-power operation.    

Two Timesavers 10 and 12 series grinding and deburring equipment: 

The 10 series is high-speed and multi-functional:  

Renowned for its high speed (3-4 times faster than manual edge working), the machine comes equipped with 2 heads which can be fitted with a variety of brushes for deburring, edge rounding, finish, laser oxide removal and heavy slag removal. 

The 12 series works equally well on laser, plasma and flame-cut parts: 

The machine was designed with the deburring, edge breaking and finishing of laser-cut parts in mind, all with low cost to the user. Create round edges and perfect finishes with its multi-disc head with six rotating deburring discs. The machine is no one-hit wonder and can also perform heavy slag removal if you have plasma and flame-cut parts. The Hammerhead option has a wide belt grinding head for edge breaking and further deburring. 

We hope you can take advantage of this premier chance to experience the future of manufacturing technology firsthand.  

If you are interested in seeing any of the machines listed, please call Nigel Kelly on 0429 417 489 or email nigelk@headland.com.au  


TRUMPF technical data sheet TruLaser 1030 fiber/1040 fiber/1060 fiber

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TRUMPF TruLaser: Cost-effective cutting through thick and thin

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OMAX Maxiem 1530 Data Sheet

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Citizen L32 XII 1 pager

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Citizen L32 Brochure

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Hyundai XF6300 1 pager (AU only)

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JFY Product Brochure

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Timesavers product brochure

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Timesavers 10 Series 1 pager

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Timesavers 22 Series 1 pager

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