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Vertical Carousel Storage is Ideal for Government. Here are Four Reasons Why.


Protect your confidential documentation with your Hanel vertical carousel storage systems. An efficient, secure document storage solution for government departments and local councils. Here are four ways your Hänel Rotomat can help your government department office.

1. Boost your staff’s productivity with an organised workplace.

Our vertical storage and retrieval solutions can help organise your team. The days of time-consuming searches for files and cards are over! Access everything fast, in one location.

2. Store plenty of files in your Hänel Rotomat vertical carousel system.

This means 60% more files stored in the same amount of floor area. It is the perfect storage system for all your records management requirements. Store vertical hanging folders with the suspension frames. You can pull the frames out like a drawer. So easy!

3. A safe archive method for your office.

You can store and archive all your confidential staff and client documents. Sliding doors with security lock keep everything safe from unauthorised access.

4. Improve your administration processes.

You can store your office and stationery supplies in one convenient, centralised place. It also ensures the re-ordering of stationery and office supplies is easier and quicker. You can also improve your processes and create a seamless office environment.

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Headland Storage can help you with efficient storage strategies for your warehouse. This includes specialist warehouse storage solutions and management environments. With advanced Hänel microprocessor controller units, we provide complete warehouse management systems. These include high-speed batch picking, tool management processing, etc.