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Vertical Automated Storage For Stainless Steel Parts


Have you considered Hänel Lean-Lift® for compact, tidy, vertical automated storage? GEM Products provide stainless steel marine and boating equipment. The installation of a high-speed Hänel Lean-Lift® has optimised shipping processing. They successfully store their stainless steel components in the Hänel Lean-Lift®.

GEM’s utilises the Lean-Lift® for vertical storage from floor to ceiling. It ensures the greatest storage capacity is available within a very small footprint. It provides storage of stainless steel latches, handles, barrel bolts, and pipe brackets. This also saves a great deal of floor space.

Order picking that is quick, with zero mistakes.

Staff request items stored on Hänel multifunction containers with the click of a button. The system brings containers to the access point where staff retrieve items. This speeds up the picking procedure while improving ergonomics. Hänel compartments and sub-level indicators located across the access point show item locations. This ensures reliable and error-free retrieval.

Experience direct communication between HänelSoft® and the Warehouse Management System.

HänelSoft® integrates with cloud-based Warehouse Management System, powered by Netsuite. The Hänel Lean-Lift® is the final pick area in warehouse processing.

If an order calls for parts stored in the Hänel vertical lift system, the WMS generates a pick list. And sends the list to HänelSoft®. The staff member records the pick order with the barcode scanner for the compact MP 12 N controller. And the lift system receives this data to start retrieval processing.

The extractor in the Hänel Lean-Lift® works through the pick list with speed. And uses the most efficient routing.

Seamless system integration and intelligent intralogistics concepts for modern automated storage systems.

Plus, effective reduction of costs and a boost to customer satisfaction. “We chose the Hänel system for the increase in productivity. Hänel gives us the ability to have a single operator pick multiple orders from one location as the system brings parts to the operator, thus reducing the overall pick time,” says Eric Muzzillo, Vice President of Engineering and Operations.

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