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Vernet Behringer Machining Centres for Steel Profiles

Vernet Behringer Machining Centres for Steel Profiles

Vernet Behringer Machining Centres for Steel Profiles in the Construction Sector

With over 130 years of industry experience,  Vernet Behringer offer a range of production processing machinery suitable for the sheet metal construction sector.

Profile Steel Machining Technology

Portal drilling machines, with multiple spindles, offering punching, marking and shearing.

Model HD-X Evo2 Key Features:

  • This 3 spindle drilling machine, with additional axes and Stoke X = 500 mm offers 60% faster drilling.
  • High-speed drilling for carbide, long holes and notching shapes with their 4000 RPM spindle motor
  • Deeper, noise free marking.
  • Operator-free production available.

Vernet Behringer, Profile Steel Machining Lines

Plate Machining Centre

Process sheet metal flat sheets with punching, drilling, marking, flame cutting and deburring processing.

Model AMG-EVO Key Features:

  • Semi and automatic plate loading available.
    High levels of operator safety with full machine housing.
  • Advanced nesting software available.
  • Repositional grippers enable continue chained cutting without skeleton and carriage.
  • Material saving with advanced nesting software.
    Combine with shotblasting and deburring functions available.

VERNET BEHRINGER Lines for Machining Flat Steel and Plates

Angle Lines

Machining angle profiles through punching, drilling, marking, milling technology from Vernet Behringer.

Model VPX Key Features:

  • Angle process in position for optimal productivity.
  • A rigid platform for short punches.
  • New redesign ensures quick tool changing, the improved hydraulic architecture increasing punching and shearing times by up to 40%.
  • The technology and conveyor systems are a robust design for the tough Australian environment.
  • Software – easy to use and import programs with an interactive 3D display. Read more.