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TruTops Fab Software helps you Monitor your TRUMPF Machines from Anywhere 

TruTops Fab Software helps you Monitor your TRUMPF Machines from Anywhere 

Remote Machine Monitoring

The overall benefit of this software is its ability to monitor your machines (from anywhere) and prevent idle states. In light of recent events, this has never been more important.  

With many companies currently taking a step back and reviewing their processes and how they can do things better and more efficiently, we’ve seen an increase in questions about this software, it’s capabilities and the direct impact to your business.  

Benefits of this Software:

  • Monitor the entire production process wth TruTops software, plug in the software your business needs when you need it.
  • Respond immediately to machine malfunctions or idle states and save money or increase production.
  • Machine data is analysed to help you make positive changes.
  • Remotely monitor your machines.

Some examples of case studies show; 

  • If you’re running night shifts and an error occurs just one hour into the shiftyou’ll receive a notification straight away instead of waiting to find this out the following morning. Save up to 11 hours of lost production and downtime to the business.  
  • External machine monitoring identifies, in one example that their TruMatic 6000 is only running at 33%, with an increase in productivity of 8%, this company achieves 166.4 additional run time per year for this one machine. Request detailed case studies below. 

Monitor the Entire Production Process wth TruTops Software

With the combination of TruTops Monitor with the TruTops Fab Quickjob Module, you can monitor the entire production process. This snap shot below, highlights which software module fits in which stage of production. 

Respond Immediately to Machine Malfunctions or Idle States 

TruTops Monitor immediately notifies (email or SMS) you about idle states, errors, and other causes of a malfunction. Incorporate cameras or webcams into TruTops Monitor in order to receive images or videos from individual workstations. 


Machine Data is Analysed

So you can make informed decisions to manage capacity or improve productivity and machine utilisation. Compare the performance, status and KPIs of each machine on the shop floor.

Image above showcases monitoring via two dashboards: 

  • Workplace overview (MDA evaluationprogress, GEFF 1, Top 10 errors) 
  • MDA overview (MDA comparison) 

Remote Monitoring 

Means inspection rounds are redundant and labour can be put to more efficient uses. The production overview depicts your shopfloor graphically. You can call up current information about every workstation and can simply move around the pictograms by “drag & drop”. 


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