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TRUMPF’s new bending machine for XXL parts: Powerful, automated, and sustainable


TRUMPF’s TruBend Series 8000 machines are designed to bend oversized parts faster and more efficiently. The perfect choice for your smart factory ambitions thanks to many automation features. Their motor with on-demand drive achieves energy savings of up to 26 percent, making them an even more attractive option.

Efficiency and additional bending aids

TRUMPF, a high-tech company, is taking advantage of the INTECH in-house trade show to showcase their latest TruBend Series 8000 bending machine. This machine has a remarkable open height of 880 millimetres and a stroke of 700 millimetres, allowing for the effortless bending of very large parts. To make the process even more efficient, there are optional extras such as the bending aid, which will automatically position the workpiece for bending. This makes it much easier for operators to bend and remove heavy parts quickly and easily. Product Manager Deborah Lidauer says:

“The new TruBend Series 8000 is the perfect addition to our portfolio of bending solutions. Whatever their bending application, companies can rely on TRUMPF to have the technology they need – from entry-level machines to fully automated solutions for oversize formats.” 

Unbelievable press force to bend high-tensile steels

TRUMPF’s TruBend 8000 is a powerful and efficient machine with a press force of 400 metric tons. It is capable of processing short, thick pieces of sheet metal, as well as longer, thinner parts. It is also suitable for bending high-tensile materials such as Hardox or Weldox engineering steels. Additionally, the machine is capable of station bending, which allows workers to move workpieces from one station to the next, each equipped with different upper and lower tools. This makes the TruBend 8000 suitable for companies that bend large parts in small batches, including fabricators in the vehicle manufacturing, mechanical engineering and building services sectors. It is also a great choice for general-purpose work in job shops.

Automation and sustainability

The TruBend 8000 machines are designed to promote sustainability in manufacturing and can be automated. Users have the option of equipping their machine with an on-demand drive, which is designed to adjust the motor’s revolution speed to the movement of the press beam. This feature not only helps to limit the noise generated, but it can also reduce energy consumption by up to 26 percent. This is an attractive option for those looking to save money on energy costs.

Do you want to bend high-strength steels with ease?

Our sheet metal experts are here to help you find the right solution bending solution for your unique production needs.


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