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TRUMPF’s Boost Software

TRUMPF’s Boost Software

TruTops Boost – so what is it?

  • It’s a software for TRUMPF machines, designed for 2D/3D design and programming of laser, punching, and bending machines.
  • TruTops Boost sits within the Preparation part of the process.

Why do I need it?

Essentially it will increase your productivity of your programming processes.
Other key highlights are;
  • Have an overview of all your orders and their status.
  • The software provides you with suggestions solutions. For example reoccurring orders are recognised and optimised.
  • It will help you have a better handle on your material utilisation. You can use the shared order pool and the new Lean Nest nesting processor. Overall reducing your costs to manufacture parts. It does this through taking into account the start corner, parts distances, and sheet margins.
  • You can also mark your parts automatically with dynamic values for part tracking and production control.
  • Assemblies – Import and disassemble 2D/3D assemblies easily with the Boost automation.

Image below shows how TruTops Boost is all in one, integrated system, rather than separate, single systems.

What’s Home Zone?

 Home zone is your home base, here you have an overview of all the work steps of an order. You can see the 2D/3D design and unfolding, you can then see the bending program and nesting. And also the cutting or punching program.

What is Tech Zone?

Home zone interfaces with TecZone. From the TecZone Cut (you can cut with Laser, Punch and Nest) and TecZone Bend – you can see all your orders and execute them from one central point.
You can also design sheet parts on your own, but with high quality. TechZone cut is for nesting jobs. TechZone Bend manages the bending and shop floor programming. You can either do this from the machine or office.

Video overviews of Boost Software

High level overview


A quick overview from Sergej below from TRUMPF while he was at Austech in 2019. He talks about Boost being the link between machines and Industry 4.0