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TRUMPF TruLaser 1000 Series for Those New to 2D Laser Cutting


TRUMPF TruLaser 1000 Series – Ideal for Those New to 2D Laser Cutting

 The TRUMPF TruLaser 1000 series increases your productivity with an improved feed rate.

“Thanks to its high productivity, broad range of applications and ease of operation, the new generation of the TRUMPF TruLaser 1000 is ideal for companies that want to get into 2D laser cutting. It also ideally complements the machine fleets of companies that already use 2D laser cutting and want to increase their capacity,” says TRUMPF Product Manager Jean-Baptiste Karam.

How can the new TruLaser 1000 series increase your production efficiency?

Collision risk reduced to minimum:

The TRUMPF TruLaser 1000 comes with an intelligent Smart Collision Prevention function. A sophisticated algorithm avoids collision between tilted parts and the cutting head, reducing downtime and improving production efficiency.

Easy and intuitive operation:

The operating software comes pre-installed with cutting data for a wide variety of materials and sheet thicknesses all developed by TRUMPF themselves. At a touch of a button production workers can select the suitable cutting program – even without much laser cutting experience.

Minimum setup time for high material changeover:

The TRUMPF TruLaser 1000 series cuts a wide range of materials such as mild and stainless steel, copper and aluminium, with ease. The automatic nozzle changer replaces the cutting nozzle as soon as the material changes. This allows your company to use the machine for a large range of different applications with reduced set-up time and without manual intervention.

Options for automation:

Various automation functions for unloading and loading can be added. This makes it possible to operate the TRUMPF TruLaser 1000 entirely without personnel.

If you are ready to give your company a real competitive edge, get in touch with our experts.


TRUMPF 2D laser cutting machine range brochure

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