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TRUMPF Tips & Tricks – Oil Spraying Device

TRUMPF Tips & Tricks – Oil Spraying Device

Tihon Anciferov Headland’s Senior Laser Engineer passed on some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your Laser Cutting machine. Check out his tips below.

Certain LTTs , especially thick mild steel ones (12mm +), use oil spraying before piercing. This is to prevent a build up of melted material next to the piercing point.

Using the oils spraying creates a slippery surface on the top of the material , which enables the melted material to slide away from the penetration point while piercing , and allows the nozzle to maintain the correct distance from the material from the start and consequently enables a good cutting quality from the beginning.

If you notice that the oil spraying is for some reason not working, there are a few things to check:

  1. Check the amount of oil in the spraying device.


Make sure the level of oil is always above the minimum.

2. Check the condition of the spraying nozzle next to the cutting head.


Sometimes it can be that the nozzle is blocked, or damaged from a collision with a part (id. Nr. 351309) in this case it is best to replace the nozzle.

3. If you are not using the oil spraying device, it is advised to activate the device manually, at least once a week, to prevent the non-return valve from sticking. It will prevent the oil from coming through the nozzle.

This can be done either from the operator panel ( NEW MACHINES ONLY), by going into SETUP/Laser machining/Spraying


Or you can always do it manually (ON ALL MACHINES), by turning the valve knob on the spraying device.


This will ensure that the non-return valve stays lubricated, and will not stick.

Good thing to remember, if there is no good piercing, there will be no good cutting.

If you have any questions, please contacts our Service Team at service@headland.com.au