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TRUMPF: The World Leader in Laser Cutting Machinery

TRUMPF: The World Leader in Laser Cutting Machinery

TRUMPF: The World Leader in Laser Cutting Machinery

With 90 years of experience as a machine tool manufacturer, TRUMPF has cemented their position as the world market leader in industrial lasers and laser cutting machinery

TRUMPF’s laser cutting career began in 1971 with the development of a solid-state laser offering the perfect balance between productivity and flexibility. Followed in 1985 by their first CO2 laser, this was considered the standard tool for processin large varieties of materials more efficiently and economically. Since then, TRUMPF is the only company that provides machine, laser, automation, software and services from a single source.

Remain competitive in manufacturing with laser technology

TRUMPF’s laser cutting machinery and laser technology is a very versatile operation that has short setup times and can be used to cut a wide range of materials of varying compositions. Laser technology  is the most universal tool available for cutting, welding, marking, drilling, coating, hardening and performing structural processing work on surfaces, operating without contact and with no wear and tear.

TRUMPF 5030 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine
TRUMPF 5030 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Sheet metal laser cutting has many advantages that has led to great results. High accuracy is one of the most important ones. This allows the laser to cut off unlimited and complex shapes, clean cutting that requires little or no finishing and generating a minimum amount of heat. All this in short processing times and with optimum processing quality.

TRUMPF lasers have proven themselves in a wide range of industries including automotive manufacturing, automotive supply, aerospace, electronic entertainment media, precision mechanics and medical technology.

Whatever the requirement, TRUMPF has the right machine

Australia has seen a positive growth in laser technology over the past few years, with a trend developing in reducing costs while maintaining productivity and efficiency.

In the broad industrial application of laser technology, TRUMPF plays a decisive role in almost any field, directly or indirectly. The success of the laser is partially due to the success of TRUMPF.

For more information on how TRUMPF laser cutting can improve your business, contact us today on 1300 592 061 or visit our laser cutting machinery section of our website.