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TRUMPF Technology is Creating Intricate Designs in the Architecture Industry

TRUMPF Technology is Creating Intricate Designs in the Architecture Industry

Innovative technology is the best way to describe TRUMPF machinery. Their versatility and precision makes them a reliable and effective way to cut sheet metal.

Within the architecture industry, architectural metalwork is becoming more prominent throughout Australia. The intricate fabrication of the metal creates some spectacular designs that really add character to modern buildings.

Laser technology is often associated with architectural metalwork and it’s machinery like TRUMPFs TruLaser 5030 that makes metal fabrication a simple and effective process.

The TruLaser 5030 has a number of advantages that make it the perfect resource for any fabricator looking to service the architecture industry.

TruLaser 5030 Advantages

  • High productivity for thin sheet metal

  • Minimal non productive time

  • Optimum energy efficiency

  • Minimal space requirements

  • Can cut a wide variety of materials.

The TruLaser can cut a variety of materials like copper and brass as well as stainless steel without any problems.

Another common tool used by fabricators servicing the architecture industry is the TRUMPF Punch Laser machine.

This machine is perfect for creating perforation in sheet metal. Punch laser combination machines allow you to reduce your machine footprint and streamline processes, saving time and money.

It also reduces the chance of damage and the need for inter-process storage. Punch machines enable cutting, punching, forming, tapping and bending in one which make them simple, fast, precise and reliable.

The TruMatic 3000 Fiber hosts a number of advantages that assist fabricators in creating a quality product.

TruMatic 3000 fiber Advantages

  • Low costs through the optimal utilisation of the TruDisk laser

  • Energy-efficient solid-state laser

  • Compact and flexible incorporation within the Laser Network

  • High part quality and economical thin sheet processing

  • Maximum utilisation of the machine productivity for aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

Architectural metalwork has a broad range of products that fall under this heading. It includes pieces such as balustrades, staircases, sculptures and metal canopies.

As a fabricator servicing the industry, project sizes can vary. If your business specialises in constructing balustrades then the perfect machine to use would be the TRUMPF TruBend.

TruBend machines are renowned for their flexibility, finished part quality, and a high-cost benefit ratio, making them exceptionally economical and ergonomical machines.

As one of TRUMPFs best selling bending machines, it’s key benefit is its outstanding productivity.

TruBend 5130 Advantages

  • Handles the widest range of parts in its class

  • Maximum precision

  • Dynamic axis positioning

  • ACB: precise angles from the very first part

  • Intuitive programming and machine controls.

Architectural metalwork is becoming increasingly popular. Architects are creating unusual and modern designs that require fabricators to manipulate and transform ordinary sheet metal into works of art. It’s quality machines like these that are enabling this architectural revolution.