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TRUMPF slim nozzles

TRUMPF slim nozzles

More parts per sheet = material cost reduction

In the latest edition of TRUMPF’s TruServices Journal, Reinhard Aumayr from Laser & more Edelstahl Komponentenfertigungsges. m.b.H. in Austria explains how he benefits from TRUMPF’s slim EAB nozzles.

More parts per sheet thanks to TRUMPF's slim nozzles
More parts per sheet thanks to TRUMPF

Whereas with the standard nozzles (M8 × 0.75), ten millimeters of clearance to the part was the absolute minimum, the “tailored” EAB nozzle makes smaller distances possible. Thanks to the special shape of these tapered nozzles, the interference contour is also considerably less. On 2D laser machines it is possible to get closer to “tilted” parts – without the nozzle colliding with the edge. However, in case they do collide, M12 nozzles prove more stability due to their wider thread and design, and are therefore more robust than M8 nozzles.
The slim nozzles are available for the latest 2D laser machines machines with the new generation, mm-focal-length cutting head and M12 connection thread.

Should you have an older machine with PierceLine and the so-called “cubical” head, a special adapter makes it possible to use these cutting nozzles with M12 × 1 connection thread. The conversion kit is designed so that the cutting data can continue to be used and contains everything needed for a quick installation of the adapter. Detailed instructions provide step-by-step assistance (also refer to the TruServices Journal 02/11, page 4).*

Order your packet of 5 EAB nozzles today:
0,8 mm – 1373324
1,0 mm – 1373325
1,2 mm – 1373326
1,4 mm – 1373327
1,7 mm – 1373328
2,0 mm – 1373329
2,3 mm – 1373330
2,7 mm – 1373331

Price: approx. AUD 49.00 per pack of 5 (excl. GST)



*Subject to machine compatibility