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TRUMPF MultiTool

TRUMPF MultiTool

Productive Punching

The MultiTool integrates up to 10 different punch and die inserts in one tool holder. With the new MultiCut inserts, you are now able to punch up to 40 different diameters with one single tool.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • An increased number and variety of tools on the machine.
  • Shorter set-up and tool-changing times.
  • A significant increase in productivity when punching small geometries.
  • Tools and tool holders can be customized to your needs when it comes to special geometries.
  • New: MultiCut inserts ensure maximum flexibility in terms of diameter size.

MultiCut Inserts

When it comes to selecting diameter sizes, you now have even greater flexibility thanks to the new MultiCut inserts. Each punch insert, having four different radii, can produce four different diameters. Therefore it is possible to punch 40 different diameters with a 10-station MultiTool – without having to set-up the machine.

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