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TRUMPF launches the latest innovation in cutting technology: Shear TruTool S 250 LiHD 18V Power Tool


Introducing the new and improved TRUMPF S250LiHD-18V, the cutting-edge solution for all your shearing needs. With its brushless motor, this powerhouse offers an almost unlimited lifetime and virtually wear-free operation. Its ergonomic design, featuring a round and compact machine head, ensures the best machine guidance for precise cuts. Not only does it prioritise operator safety with long-hand protection, but it also provides protection against the cut chip. With a large distance between the cutting table and the hand guard, collisions are avoided, ensuring safe operation and allowing for optimal (flat) chip guidance. The soft grip handle provides a secure low-vibration grip, allowing for precise and comfortable work. The TRUMPF S250LiHD-18V is powered by CAS battery technology, making it the only cordless shear on the market capable of cutting 2.5mm. With a strong 18V battery and a long runtime of 4Ah, it delivers exceptional performance. Experience effortless cutting with its optimum geometry, reducing forward feed and enabling smooth curved cuts.

This cutter has been designed with accuracy and efficiency in mind and provides a number of advantages that will revolutionise your cutting process. TRUMPF’s cutters are designed to be durable, with a long service life and double rotation, which minimises wear and tear and reduces the cost of parts. Furthermore, the simple replacement of cutters, as well as the adjustable cutting clearance, make maintenance effortless.

Smaller and lighter in design

The latest iteration of the TRUMPF S250 LiHD-18V is characterized by its new modern design. By reducing the power unit size by 12 mm in length and 13 mm in height, results in a more compact and manoeuvrable design. Additionally, the weight of the unit is an impressive 100-gram lighter, resulting in reduced fatigue and increased efficiency.

With a focus on the optimisation of the cutting table and cutters for improved curved cutting and forward feed. The goal is to maximise the efficiency of the cutting process by utilising a rhombus shape with a pointed wedge angle for the cutters. This design allows for maximum curve cutting while reducing the need for forward feed. By carefully considering the geometry of the cutters, you can achieve a more precise and efficient cutting operation. With significant improvements in the overall cutting process, lead to increased productivity and reduced material waste. Changing the cutters only requires the use of one size 6 allen key instead of two.

Used by a vast variety of industries

TRUMPF’s Shear TruTool S 250 LiHD 18V – the ultimate cutting solution for sheet thicknesses up to 2.5 mm. Designed for a range of industries including apparatus engineering, tank construction, automotive supply, washing machine manufacturing, tin smithing, chimney construction, and more. This powerful tool is perfect for cutting straight sheets, radial cuts, notching, fitting work, coil/strap cuts, safety barrier wire mesh cutting and even cutting manholes in containers. And with its stainless-steel cutting capability of up to 1.5 mm, it’s truly a versatile companion for any cutting task.

Would you like to upgrade your tools today and take your cutting to the next level?

Experience the cutting revolution of the future with the new TRUMPF S250 LiHD-18V. Our team of experts are prepared to assist you in transforming your shearing experience.


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