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TRUMPF has Transformed the Way Trevaskis Engineering Operates

TRUMPF has Transformed the Way Trevaskis Engineering Operates

With over 50 years experience in the manufacturing industry, Trevaskis Engineering has certainly seen significant changes over the past five decades.

They began as a small country factory, who manufactured for the pig and poultry industry. Once they introduced laser technology to their business, Trevaskis Engineering experienced a significant business growth.

Now servicing industries like the food, Irrigation, stock feeding and carwash industry, Michael Mason, General Manager at Trevaskis Engineering says, the majority of their work comes from manufacturing components for other manufactures.

“This makes up about 60% of our business,” Michael says.

“We saw a real growth in our business using laser technology… we are currently one of two laser cutters in the Goulburn Valley,

“We also specialise in laser cutting and bending for other businesses as well,” he says.

Trevaskis Engineering now house two TRUMPF machines. They recently purchased a new TRUMPF TruBend 5130 and Michael says it has made a difference to the business because of its efficiency.

“TRUMPF is so good the guys love it…they fight over who can use it,” he says.

“It has given us more versatility, accuracy and the quality is second to none…TRUMPF runs circles around other machines.

“It’s funny our TRUMPF machines clock around 16 hours, while our other press machines see only a handful of hours in the day” Michael says.

As the industry is competitive and deadlines are tight, it is essential for a business like Trevaskis Engineering to continually keep up with latest innovations.

“We constantly invest in new technology and equipment to keep up with the competition,” Michael says.

“Our machines have certainly increased efficiency and accuracy, especially now we have two TRUMPF machines,

“What is really great for our business is our guys have managed to come up with newer ways to manufacture products using these machines, which makes it more efficient for us.

“We are seeing more work is coming in from customers who want the quality that comes with TRUMPF,” he says.

Happy with the service provided by Headland, Trevaskis Engineering are reaping the rewards with their new innovative TruBend 5130.