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TRUMPF Forming Tools Size 5

TRUMPF Forming Tools Size 5

Forming in XXL

Longer and deeper forming work can easily be done on your TRUMPF punching / combination machine in just one single stroke.
The machine option Active Die allows even greater dimensions and entirely new designs.

What is possible? Get ideas on various forming designs in the TRUMPF Punching Application Brochure or find out what Ugur Uslu / Gerhard Metz Metallbay GmbH and Roland Klinck / FEAG GmbH say about their Size 5 Tools.

TRUMPF Tools Size 5 – use the potential of your machine!


Example: Louver Tool

Louvers – 101.60 mm in width? No problem with the Louver Tool from TRUMPF. Actually, they can be done in just one single stroke and in only 0.38 seconds! Find out more here:TruServices Journal 01/09

The Louver Tool can be used on pretty much every TRUMPF punching / combination machine and up to a sheet thickness of 2.5 mm. Exact technical specifications are on page 66 of your TRUMPF Punching Tool Catalog.