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TRUMPF Deburring Tools

TRUMPF Deburring Tools

Flexible deburring

Whether it’s the contours of large shapes or of the smallest of holes: You can deburr work pieces of the most diverse geometries directly on your TruPunch and TruMatic machine and significantly improve your edge quality.

TRUMPF Deburring Tools

The roller deburring tool is especially suited for visible edges, because the punched edges are perfectly rounded.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Shorter production times through complete processing on one machine.
  • Lower risk of injury because the workpieces are almost completely burr-free.
  • Excellent edge quality when used in combination with the MultiShear slitting tool.
  • Deburring of all geometries, whether simple, complex, small or large.
  • Deburring of coated sheets and for parts with formed areas.

New and lower priced option: Ball deburring tool

The punching tool presses the punching burr into the base metal. In doing so, a chamfer is produced on the upper side of the part.

Ball Deburring Tool

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