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TRUMPF Bending Machinery

TRUMPF Bending Machinery

Bending the ordinary to extraordinary

With a wealth of experience in press brake technology, TRUMPF is the world leader in laser cutting machinery, providing you the best machine to meet all your requirements.

Since 1989, TRUMPF has been designing and manufacturing press brakes, giving manufacturers the ability to process any geometric part to the highest quality.

Bending is a flexible process by which many different shapes can be produced. Standard punch and die sets are used to produce a wide variety of shapes. The material is placed on the die and positioned in place with stops and/or back gauges. The upper part of the press, with the appropriately shaped punch, descends forcing the material into the selected die forming the v-shaped bend.

TRUMPF have positioned themselves to be the leaders of laser machine technology, proven through the minimal tool set-up time needed and high speed positioning during the bending process.

With the TRUMPF TruBend machines, you will:

  • Have the right machine for every geometric part
  • Save time as the bending process will be faster, safer and more accurate to increase your throughput and part quality
  • Facilitate short run times with high-speed axis travel
  • Reduce programming time and increase productivity with minimum tool set-up

In Australia, Headland and TRUMPF have had a successful and exclusive relationship for the last 30 years. With a foundation built on precision, speed and reliability, Headland and TRUMPF have the best laser cutting machinery supported by the largest network of service engineers in Australia.

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