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TRUMPF Maintenance Tip – Keeping Bellows Clean

TRUMPF Maintenance Tip – Keeping Bellows Clean

To prevent mirrors from damaging, keep the bellows on your laser machine clean using our simple tips.

There are two different types of bellows (axis bellows and beam guidance bellows):

1) Regular cleaning of the machine interior and axis bellows can help reduce wear on the bellows and other moving parts and greatly extend their life. Metal dust that is created by the laser cutting process collects on the bellows and becomes abrasive when the axes move. They can be cleaned with a vacuum or simply brushed clean.

2) The machines external optics (mirrors) are shielded from any dust particles by a set of bellows called beam guide way bellows. The older type of bellows are square in shape (box bellows) and are prone to form small holes in the folds of the bellows which can let in dust. Newer bellows are round (disc bellows), they don’t have corner folds so they don’t form holes like the older type. We recommend replacing the whole set if its needed as Even small particles of dust can damage a mirror.

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