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TRUMPF announce InspecVision Partnership

TRUMPF announce InspecVision Partnership

TRUMPF and InspecVision

In the most recent TRUe magazine, TRUMPF announce their partnership with Vision based measurement system InspecVision.

“In May 2020, TRUMPF entered into partnership with InspecVision, a company based in Northern Ireland. InspecVision’s Planar 2D inspection machine measures parts and instantly displays deviations from the target geometry. It can also reverse engineer the part into a CAD file based on the measurement results. ”

View InspecVision’s website about this announcement.

Want to know about InspecVision and how these systems can help your business?

We’ve detailed their range of systems here.

InspecVision offer various models within the three groups; Planar 2D, verify product quality by performing 2D inspection, Opti-Scan 3D, a 3D inspection system that can measure surfaces and edges in 3D and Accuity, the most automated system offered, with the ability to scan both 2D and 3D.