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TRUMPF and STOPA seamless integration of laser-cutting technology and material management solution


The leading building envelope specialist in New Zealand a company that provides architectural facades and building envelope solutions aims to overhaul its factory operations and integrate machines and workstations located outside of the large-scale storage system into the automated material flow for the first time. By selecting an integrated platform to schedule and track inventory from centralised inventory to cutting and assembly operations.

About Thermosash: Thermosash Commercial Ltd is a New Zealand-based company that specialises in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom commercial building facades and windows. They have offices and manufacturing facilities in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. The company has invested heavily in technology, equipment, and expertise to remain at the forefront of the commercial facade industry. Thermosash has formed partnerships with leading international suppliers of building materials and technologies related to architectural glazing, cladding systems, solar shading, and more. Their long-term strategy is directed towards the commercial total cladding market based on exposure to global industry trends and emerging facade technologies. More about Thermosash


Thermosash, having to procure materials well before projects, faced storage and stock challenges. They also had limited design capabilities with their existing equipment. Seeking greater design freedom, the company considered incorporating a laser-cutting solution. Addressing storage and inventory issues became crucial for Thermosash, as they faced challenges with shipments and storage in their building. The company aimed to reduce forklift movements to enhance health, safety, and material preservation. Additionally, they sought improved stock management and storage solutions, especially for client materials stored over extended periods due to off-site project timelines. Considering these needs, Thermosash explored the possibility of implementing the STOPA storage system, which promised benefits in storage efficiency, inventory management, and stock-taking processes.

David Hayes, CEO/Managing Director and owner of Thermosash was already familiar with the TRUMPF & STOPA solutions. This familiarity gave him the confidence to reach out to Headland Technology for a bespoke solution.

Technology Solution

To address these challenges, Headland Technology implemented an automated storage and retrieval system from STOPA that seamlessly integrates with a TRUMPF TruLaser 1040 fiber laser cutting machine.

Key features and benefits:

The key features and benefits of the automated storage and retrieval system integrated with the TRUMPF TruLaser 1040 fiber include automated delivery of material from storage racks directly to the TRUMPF TruLaser 1040 fiber, reducing the need for manual material handling, improving safety and efficiency. The system allows for just-in-time material retrieval, minimising storage needs, and the ability to store a variety of sheet materials and sizes. There is enhanced inventory tracking and management, and greater cutting speed and design capabilities with the TRUMPF TruLaser 1040 fiber.

Automation boosts productivity and quality for Thermosash’s cutting operations

The automated solution delivered measurable improvements:

  • Reduced labour requirements for cutting operations.
  • Excess cutting capacity and faster turnaround times.
  • Instant access to stored material for enhanced productivity.
  • Eliminated manual material transport steps before cutting.
  • Better quality folded parts for easier downstream welding.
  • Less post-processing of cut sheets required.

Thermosash future-proofing for years to come

With the upgraded capabilities, Thermosash is positioned for greater efficiency, quality, and flexibility in its design and manufacturing. The automated STOPA storage and TRUMPF TruLaser 1040 fiber laser solution provide a streamlined, high-performance workflow as the company continues serving leading construction projects across New Zealand.

Excellence in intralogistics solutions with unmatched service and expertise

Thermosash highly values the comprehensive solutions offered by Headland Technology, recognising our excellence in service and maintenance. Even when dealing with unfamiliar STOPA equipment, our technicians at Headland showcased impressive expertise. Despite the rarity of this equipment in New Zealand at the beginning of their collaboration. According to David Hayes, Headland’s technicians quickly developed a deep understanding of it. Thermosash expresses full confidence in the capabilities of Headland’s knowledgeable and skilled technicians, believing they can provide outstanding support.

David emphasises the importance of after-sales service, considering the critical nature of machine ownership and that exceptional service is crucial in overcoming challenges and ensuring a smooth experience for customers. Sam encapsulates their experience with Headland in the following quote:

“Knowledgeable advice and communications leading to a world-class solution for our manufacturing facility and relives business technology-wise for another decade.”

We would like to express our gratitude to David Hayes for the interview.

Are you in the building industry and grappling with on-site storage challenges, seeking to minimise forklift handling whilst enhancing materials tracking?

Connect with our team of experts at Headland Technology and explore the tailored storage and sheet metal solutions from STOPA and TRUMP Take the next step towards efficiency and organisation—contact us today!


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