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TRUMPF 3D printers reduce emissions in the aerospace industry


TRUMPF 3D printers assist in promoting sustainability within the aerospace industry. Utilising TRUMPF metal 3d printers aircrafts can be manufactured sustainably. Furthermore, the TRUMPF manufacturing expertise in electric drives and battery technology is a valuable asset to the aviation industry. 

TRUMPF, a high-tech company, is aiding the aviation industry in reducing greenhouse gases. By utilising TRUMPF’s 3D printers, aviation companies can manufacture aircrafts that are lighter in weight and have more efficient engines. Richard Bannmüller, the CEO of TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH, believes that laser technology and 3D printing are crucial technologies for creating sustainable aircraft tech. With TRUMPF’s technology and expertise, the aviation industry will be able to introduce electric-powered aeroplanes and air cabs in the near future. TRUMPF has years of experience in battery and e-mobility expertise in automotive manufacturing, which can support the aviation industry. The company highlighted its manufacturing technology for the aerospace industry at the Paris Air Show, one of the leading trade shows. 

Emission-free flying with laser technology  

The aviation industry is undergoing a transformation towards climate-friendly technology, and many manufacturers and suppliers are already working on concrete concepts for the electrification of aircraft engines. To achieve this, lightweight, safe, and reliable batteries and electric motors need to be developed. As a leading manufacturer of electric drives and batteries in the automotive industry, TRUMPF is well-positioned to make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of aviation. TRUMPF’s manufacturing technology can be transferred to many areas of aviation, and they are eager to collaborate with partners to achieve this goal.  

Ensuring greater efficiency with TRUMPF’s manufacturing technology   

TRUMPF is proud to collaborate with numerous OEMs and suppliers in the aerospace industry. Their high-tech lasers are used to cut and weld metal alloys, resulting in particularly efficient rockets and thrusters. Additionally, TRUMPF’s 3D printers are utilised to create lightweight and highly efficient engines. As a reliable partner with extensive manufacturing expertise, TRUMPF is committed to supporting its customers in the aerospace industry for many years to come. They provide exceptional service and spare parts for our machines to ensure optimal performance throughout the product life cycle.  

Repairing instead of buying new: Repair with laser build-up welding  

The aviation industry can save up to 80 percent in costs by repairing cost-intensive components using laser cladding technology from TRUMPF. Instead of purchasing new engine blades, aviation companies can repair them using this process, which creates a molten pool on the surface of the engine blade and precisely melts the simultaneously fed metal powder according to the desired shape. This is a cost-effective and efficient solution for maintenance.  

Are you looking for a trusted partner in the aerospace industry?  

Do not miss the opportunity to save costs and improve your maintenance process. Let us work together to create a sustainable future contact Headland Technology today to learn more about how we can help you find the right technology for your needs.  


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