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TRUMPF 3D Laser Technology Called to Re Shape Industry

TRUMPF 3D Laser Technology Called to Re Shape Industry

The size of a bedroom, TRUMPF’s 3D laser – the TRUMPF TL1005– has been called upon to save the manufacturing industry.

Developers at Swinburne University believe the TRUMPF 3D laser printer, housed in their Hawthorn campus will dramatically speed up the process for manufacturing metal parts, now that the printer dispenses metal instead of ink.

Printing metal objects in layers based on computer designed plans, the TRUMPF TL 1005 laser machine has the capability to produce complex metal shapes in steel, chromium or cobalt used in engineering materials,

Headed by Professor Syed Masood, The Age Online, where the article was originally published have said ‘Swinburne University believe this 3D printing machine could help to save Australia’s manufacturing industry.’

Experimenting with the composition of metal tools manufacturers use to produce items in the industries such as automotive and sheet metal, he has used the machine to combine copper and steel in new quantities and layers, allowing molten metal tools to cool down much faster than was previously possible.

What does this mean for manufacturers? Basically lengthy waiting periods are gone, and production efficiency is at its most effective through the use of the TRUMPF TL 1005.

Praising the quality and reliability of the TRUMPF machine housed at Swinburne, Professor Masood sees endless possibilities with this new technology. ”Any geometry, no matter how complex it is, can be created layer by layer,” he says. He also expects 3D printers will be used in the future to reproduce body parts in exact proportions to fit the patient. ”Complexity is not a problem… this is all very revolutionary technology.”

Headland and TRUMPF have been exclusive partners in Australia for over 30 years, continuously bringing new and revolutionary products to the manufacturing industry. For more information on the TRUMPF line of machinery Headland represent, visit the Laser Technology section on our website.

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