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The Business Case For Owning a TRUMPF Trulaser 1030

The Business Case For Owning a TRUMPF Trulaser 1030

The TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 provides a low initial investment and reduced ongoing operational costs.

TRUMPF are global leaders in developing 2D laser cutting machines. Their 1030 machine delivers low initial investment and reduced ongoing operational costs. With cost-effectiveness in mind, they provide robust, reliable and productive laser machining. 

Drive more revenue and increase profits.

The marketable TRUMPF reputation and cut quality ensure more revenue for your business. TRUMPF provides reliability when cutting mild steelstainless steelaluminumcopper, and bronze.  

With no risk of back-reflections, you can cut up to 25mm mild steel with as little as a TRUMPF 4kW.  

TRUMPF has an Automatic Nozzle Changer with 21 unique positions. You’ll have the right nozzle for any material type. 

With TRUMPF’s range of software solutions, you can program more effectively and increase your machine utilisation rate. Additionally, you benefit from clear and cost-effective processes, from the initial customer inquiry right through to delivery of the finished parts, automation, and storage.  

Headland’s factory-trained service technicians will maximise machine up-time and ensure your team is trained and ready to make the most of your investment. 

Increase efficiency while reducing costs.

The range of TRUMPF technology is energy-efficient, solid-state laser technology. 

With easy to use controllers, it’s simple to train operators.  

The wide kerf means it’s easy for you to release your parts. (This means no hammers required.) 

The menu navigation on the large touchpoint display works intuitively.  

With the reliable, integrated cutting parameters from TRUMPF, the machine is very easy to operate.  

The TruLaser Series 1000 is ready for Industry 4.0 and can connect to automated material handling and storage. 

Use run-time data to validate the acquisition cost. 

Compare runtime data against your current machine to see how much money you can save with a TRUMPF.  

Headland can run time-studies to show you the performance, time and costs advantages of this machine. 

4 Reasons TRUMPF machines are better value than other machines.

They have a higher resale value. 

They have a long service life with many customers maintaining and relying on their TRUMPF machines for over 15 years. 

High uptime, and reliable cutting quality.  

Additionally, TRUMPF machines are automation-ready, to ensure you maximise your productivity. You also gain quality service and support from the Headland team. 

The business case for owning a TRUMPF machine. 

TRUMPF has cost-effective 2, 3, 4kW machines with many efficiency and productivity gains.  

TRUMPF boast the best-in-class in terms of capability by laser power. 

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