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Introducing ‘The Next Level’ in Tower Storage Systems


STOPA will be launching the new TOWER ECO Plus in November 2019

Introducing your affordable, entry-level solution for automated sheet metal storage. The TOWER ECO Plus offers unprecedented performance and flexibility.

You can increase storage capacity at any time, by adding new modules. With a variety of ways for you to move up to increased quantities, you can always expand your system. Examples: Add a second storage tower, extra chain/pallet conveyors or a transport cart.

Available in various versions, whatever your requirements, you’ll find the perfect solution.

We’ve increased the system’s lifting speed to 16 m/minute and its pulling speed to 12 m/minute. This shortens access time a great deal.

Another special feature is the system control panel built into the switch cabinet. Users do not need any extra hardware.

STOPA also offers warehouse management software. This communicates with the user’s ERP system.

STOPA will be launching the new TOWER ECO Plus at Blechexpo in Stuttgart from 5 to 8 November.

Do you work with a large variety of materials of which only small quantities need storage? With a low entry price, this is the perfect sheet metal storage solution. The STOPA TOWER ECO Plus is the ideal “starter” or “low cost” entry solution for small job shops.

  • Load the material and unload on the Storage and Retrieval Unit.
  • Operation is intuitive and effected in the dead-man mode (with the option of a full, automatic mode). You lower the sheet material on stamps and align on the pallet.
  • Operation is from the control console. Select the desired shelf number and confirm by pushing the dead-man button.

Rapid Shipment and Installation:

We can deliver the STOPA ECO Plus range to Australia in 20 weeks and install it in only one week. Meanwhile, other systems take more than six months for shipping and installation.

Priced for small manufacturing:

Single tower configurations of the STOPA ECO Plus range in price from 180k AUD. This makes them an ideal fit for smaller businesses that can’t justify the cost of a more automated system.

Simple Retrofitting:

Save time and money. Retrofit the ECO Plus range to existing sheet metal setups with TRUMPF and STOPA machines. Advance your business with ease. And become a smart factory, with industry 4.0 capabilities.

Modular with fast scalability:

The STOPA ECO Plus range grows with you as it has a modular design. As your business grows, you can add a new tower to the back of the existing tower to accelerate your capacity.

Improved floor space utilisation:

Configure the STOPA ECO Plus range to up to 8 metres in height. This results in your reduced footprint. And enables your business to better utilise the recently created floor space. For instance, for new revenue-generating machinery.

Large Gains in storage capacity:

With the STOPA ECO Plus, there is no need to store the wooden pallets. The machine uses pins for the automatic removal of the pallet before stacking. This further increases the amount and variety of materials that you can store.

Massive gains in Efficiency, Capacity and Time:

The ECO Plus range delivers huge productivity gains, with its ability to run 24/7, automatic dispatch of materials. With the ability to load and unload on both sides, the ECO range also reduces the size of the forklift required. And it reduces the time and workload of a forklift.

Cost Savings:

The ECO Plus range offers increased storage capacity and better organisation of multiple materials. With automated stacking of materials up to 8 metres in height, you can reduce or optimise the use of your forklift for other duties.


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