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Maintain your Abrasive Waterjet: Our Top Tips

Maintain your Abrasive Waterjet: Our Top Tips

Ensuring that you maintain your abrasive waterjet is incredibly important. Not only is it a great way to save time and money, it also avoids unexpected downtime and extending the working life of your machine.

Follow these 10 tips for keeping your abrasive waterjet in tip-top condition:

  1. Follow our maintenance suggestions based upon our expertise and industry knowledge. This is provided upon delivery of the abrasive waterjet.
  1. Use preventive maintenance software to notify you if components are due for maintenance.
  1. Carry out maintenance in a clean environment.
  1. Check abrasive waterjet for leaks in the pump and high-pressure plumbing components on a regular basis. Make sure that these are fixed straight away to avoid erosion or further damage.
  1. Check the table slats for wear regularly (at least monthly), and ensure that these are replaced if weakened.
  1. Use a high-quality abrasive and make sure that it is kept dry and free of debris – pay close attention to how the bag is opened when loading garnet or abrasive into the hopper.
  1. Clean nozzle assembly in an ultrasonic cleaner using white wine vinegar.
  1. Remove accumulated abrasive and material particles from the tank.
  1. Plan in advance! Buy spare parts before you need them to avoid waiting for parts to ship.
  1. Test the quality of water and ensure that it meets the abrasive waterjet manufacturer’s specifications.