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Top 3 Vertical Storage Carousel Solutions in Australia


Choose the Best Vertical Storage Carousel Solution in Australia

Looking for the best automatic storage and retrieval system in Australia for your seamless business operation? Headland Australia provides automated vertical storage carousel solutions that will optimise your business productivity & organisation.

Now, take a look at 3 of the top vertical storage solutions and discover which carousel fits best to your business needs.

Best vertical storage solution in Australia

Here are Top 3 Vertical Storage Carousel Solutions in Australia:

When it comes to organisation and storage systems, Hänel is the most respected vertical storage carousel manufacturer and largest in the world – operating in over 60 countries and competitively represented here in Australia by Headland Storage Machinery Service Support.

So, discover more about each vertical storage carousel from Hänel – this will help you choose which automatic vertical storage rack is best for the systematic management operation of your company.

Hänel Lean-Lift® Vertical Storage System

If you’re looking for an innovative and high-quality vertical storage system for ideal management and smooth organisation, Hänel Lean-Lift® is the best way to go.

Best vertical storage rack in Australia

The system is designed with a computer-controlled positioning lift, commonly called as the ‘extractor’ – this ensures security and storage rationalisation because Hänel Lean-Lift® vertical storage system is built with a specialist software solution from an advanced Hänel microprocessor controller unit.

Your items will be stored in height optimised containers, identified as vertical storage shelves which are systematically placed at the back and the front of your machine.

This system is best for various industries such as mail-order and wholesale trades, medical technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering (with available ESD versions), pharmaceutical, automotive and aircraft.

Hänel Lean-Lift® features integrated storage management and it can bear up to 1,000 kilograms per tray and up to 60,000 kilograms per Lean Lift.

  • The system ensures a high storage density while saving up floor space by up to 80%.
  • Plus, the levels are designed with an automatic standby and shutdown feature as part of the system’s eco-mode electricity reduction technology.
  • Also, you can easily expand the system with additional lifts as needed.
  • Your items will be stored and secured in a dust free environment.
  • Plus, you get to operate a fully integrated controller that also features a built-in warehouse inventory management system.
  • Your stored items are fully secured with the tracking technology and the locking system.
  • Lastly, Hänel Lean-Lift® requires no scheduled maintenance which is unique in the industry, because of its superior German engineering and design.

Do you think Hänel Lean-Lift® vertical storage system is exactly what you need for your company in Australia? Get in touch with Headland Storage today.

Hänel Rotomat® Office Vertical Storage Carousel

If you’re looking for a vertical storage carousel to secure office documents, Hanel Rotomat® Office is best recommended – the system ensures maximum ergonomics and optimal space usage. Plus, it is cost-efficient due to its low maintenance requirement on top of its long service life.

Best vertical storage carousel in Australia

Hanel Rotomat® Office vertical storage carousel features high-end storage security through pin code access or ID verification.

Also, the system features a compact vertical space design that can be optimised to ceiling height so you can save up more office space while getting more document storage capacity of up to 60%.

Unlike other storage systems, when searching for your stored files, you don’t need to walk long distances just to reach your documents – you don’t need to bend or use a ladder for climbing either – this is, indeed, Hänel Rotomat® Office promise of workplace safety, ergonomics and automation.

Plus, the system also features the Eco-Mode technology to ensure minimum energy consumption particularly applied to its several standby modes.

  • Manage this vertical storage system using high-performance controllers and interface with built-in document management system.
  • The system can also protect office documents not just from unauthorised access but also from dust.
  • Customise the system such as using room height to free up more space for office desks.
  • This storage features 400-V three-phase motors – pole-switching motors which are used as the standard to enable smooth and efficient movement.
  • Ensure maximum safety with the system’s patented light barrier curtains and safety switches that are compliant with DIN EN 15095.

Do you think Hanel Rotomat® Office vertical storage carousel is exactly what you need for your offices in Australia? Get in touch with Headland Storage today.

Hänel Rotomat® Industrial Vertical Storage Carousel

If you need an automatic vertical storage rack that can provide optimum security for a wide range of stored items, Hänel Rotomat® Industrial Vertical Storage Carousel is the best choice.

Best industrial vertical storage carousel in Australia

This storage system features state of the art security technology such as pin code entry or ID verification which effectively protects your items from unauthorised access, light and dust.

Also, the system is the best fit for companies looking to maximise their warehouse space – Hänel Rotomat® Industrial can provide up to 60% more space.

Plus, it operates using the ‘Ferris wheel’ movement so it is more convenient and ergonomic than other automated vertical storage racks.

No more climbing on ladders, no more lifting or bending, no more walking long distances to retrieve items, just smooth and safer warehouse operations.

  • The storage can bear up to 740 kilograms per carrier.
  • You can request relevant folders through a control system and ultimately save time.
  • Integrate access points on multiple floors in your company and provide easy stock access for employees.
  • The system is designed with twin motors which feature quieter operation.
  • Features confidentiality protection using lockable drawers.
  • You can choose to have a fireproof door for very important files.
  • Includes customised installations for holders of rods and tubes, SMT reels, printing rollers, and cable drums.
  • Also provides multiple options of logistic accessories from small plastic boxes and tool inserts… to holders for milling cutters.

Do you think Hanel Rotomat® Industrial vertical storage carousel is exactly what you need for your warehouse in Australia? Get in touch with Headland Storage today.