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Tips of the Month – September 2012

Tips of the Month – September 2012

Bending on the go

Calculating the major bending parameters simply and quickly, anywhere and any time? The BendGuide app now makes this possible. The new mobile application by TRUMPF makes the major parameters available on your smart phone or tablet PC – whenever they’re needed.

TRUMPF has developed an app for smart phones and tablets which assists in finding the right bending parameters! Just scan the QR code shown here on your mobile phone to get started.

BendApp QR Code

Visit: www.trumpf-machines.com/bendguide – to download


Keep cool!

Inconsistent material composition and surface quality sometimes make life a misery for laser cutting, particularly when processing thick, low-carbon steel sheet. Such alloys can reach considerable temperatures near the cutting face. The sheet’s high temperature impedes the cutting process, especially where filigree shapes are involved. If the kerf overheats, it can even set off a so-called self burning reaction. There the material left in the cut burns and causes slag to stick to the rear surface of the sheet metal.

CoolLine's Water Mist
CoolLine’s Water Mist

More parts, less waste

To keep this from happening, a cooling device is now available to keep temperatures constant – TRUMPF’s CoolLine option. A special cutting head sprays a fine water mist around the area where the steel is being processed. This is a highly effective measure; the evaporation of just 30 milliliters of water per minute brings about cooling of one kilowatt. This provides the laser with uniform temperature conditions and makes cutting through thick materials faster and more reliable.

The result: Parts can be nested more tightly and skeletons can be more narrow. That reduces waste and the metal sheet can be better utilized. A test specimen showed: up to 31 percent more parts and 14 percent less scrap. You can use the CoolLine to make cutting even more reliable for lower grade construction steel with its accompanying fluctuations in chemical composition.

This unit can be retrofit to the TruLaser 3030, TruLaser 3040, TruLaser 5030, TruLaser 5040 and TruLaser 5060 models. The cutting head is easily changed with just a few motions since all of the cables and hoses are integrated into the unit. Mount the head, activate TruTops Laser, and start cutting – quickly and reliably – even when the going gets a bit tougher.

You can read the full article on CoolLine’s water mist in the latest edition of the TRUMPF TruServices Journal.

Click here to download the full copy.

TruTool TSC 100: Maintenance tip

Your TruTool TSC 100 cleans the support slats of your laser cutting machine by removing persistent stainless steel slag easily. However – good machines need continuous care: Make sure to check the sliding discs and outer seal each time before using the tool and replace them in the event of damage. This prevents slag entering the machine gearbox with will have catastrophic and expensive results!

TRUMPF TruTools TSC 100

You can find more details on page 17 of your operator manual.