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Timesavers 22 series – the way to reduce manual slag and bur removal


Fabrication businesses are needing to eliminate non value-added processes to remain competitive in the market. Removal of Slag and burr from plasma and laser cut parts is one of these processes. It is a common challenge and companies still resort to manual slag removal, employing multiple workers using angle grinders or chisels. In addition to the use of scarce labour, manual operations pose a risk of injuries caused by hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). Furthermore, young people are increasingly less inclined to engage in dirty or risky work.  

As the need to address this waste and risk increases, the Timesavers 22 series, with its variable configuration including hammerhead stage for heavy slag removal and grinding belt for burr removal, is showing to be the ideal solution. The hammerhead stage consists of hardened pins attached to a rotating drum. These pins hammer flaky slag from the parts. The abrasive belt grinds smaller burr off the parts making them suitable for fabrication. The machine can include both stages, meaning parts can be effectively deburred in a single pass. Timesavers also offers class-leading rotary brush machines which offer up to 2mm edge rounding. 

The 22 series model is ideal for companies with smaller capacity requirements and tight space constraints. The advantages of the 22 series include low tooling costs and low energy consumption, optimal process visibility and maximum user-friendliness. The machine can process all typical metals used in fabrication, such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. 

But what is slag and deburring? 

 Deburring removes sharp edges, slag, and spatter from plasma-cut and laser-cut metal parts. This process is often required in the production of parts for the food, medical and construction sectors, where health and safety are vitally important, as well as on projects that need an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Deburring also helps improve the metal fabrication process by removing sharp edges that could be hazardous to employees or contaminate processes like welding. 


The simplicity of slag removal

The 22 series is a versatile machine suitable for the dry finishing and deburring of metal. It is available in three nominal widths: 900 mm, 1050 mm, and 1280 mm depending on the processing stages selected. With up to three processing stages and a selection of processes including hammerhead, abrasive belt, brush, and multi-disk, this machine can be used for various applications. The combination of an abrasive belt and a brush allows for the deburring and rounding of products in a single pass, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The multi-disc head, consisting of six deburring brushes rotating against each other, can achieve a large rounding and a nice finish. The Hammerhead machine is also specially developed to effectively remove heavy slag on plasma and flame-cut steel. As an option this deburring machine can be equipped with a wide belt grinding head for edge breaking and further deburring. With these 22 series, one man can now remove the same quantity of slag in just four hours and does not need to do any manual work. 

The 22 Series for dry deburring, perfect finishing, or heavy slag removal  

Timesavers 22 Series standard version:  

  • Table mounted on four synchronous spindles.  
  • Digital thickness readout in mm, on display.  
  • Frequency-controlled transport motor, 2.5 – 14 m/min.  
  • Automatic table height adjustment 0 – 125 mm.  
  • Electronic oscillation.  
  • Dust extraction hoods and connections on top. CE-certified.  

Applications and benefits:  

  • Removal of vertical burrs from punched laser and waterjet-cut parts.  
  • Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, etc.  
  • Deburring and surface finishing in one throughput when using multiple heads.  
  • Edge breaking by means of cylindrical Nylon web brushes (B), flap brushes (B) or small brushes (MD).  
  • Finishing grinding/brushing.  
  • Exceptionally low operating costs and high production capacity

The efficiency and ease of use operation of all Timesavers machines is designed to be ergonomic and intuitive. 

Are you still manually removing slag? 

Contact one of our experts today and discover the advantages your company can gain by utilizing the Timesavers 22 series. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in maximising efficiency and productivity. Do not miss out on this opportunity to enhance your operations.  


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