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Case Study

The Unsung Heroes of Headland Machinery

The Unsung Heroes of Headland Machinery

Keith Chambers Saves the Day

Every service call our technicians face, are unique in their own way. Keith Chambers, National Technical Manager at Headland Machinery shares his latest experience.

Across the Bass Strait, an old TruMatic 3030 Laser sprung a cooling water leak in the RF Driver Amplifier, located on the upper shelf of the RF Generator Cabinet.

The water ran over the power controller electronic boards, even flooding the driver amplifier. The customer crash stopped the electrical supply and contacted Headland’s Service Department for assistance.

He was advised to remove the wet electronic components, and flood them with distilled water to wash away any impurities and dry off with low flow clean compressed air.

In the meantime, all affected parts (>$30K) were ordered for delivery to the customer and a Headland engineer visit planned at arrival of the parts.

The visiting engineer found a hole in an internal hose in the driver amplifier and the hose was replaced.

Without removing any spare parts from its packaging, the machine was turned on and, with the customer’s fingers crossed, the laser RF Generator was energised.

All washed out and dried, the parts sprung into life and the huge smile on the customer’s face told the whole story.