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The People: Meet Lisa Scholfield

The People: Meet Lisa Scholfield

Meet Lisa, she’s been with Headland for over 13 years where she’s made some lifelong friends.

Where are you from originally, town or country?

I was born in Canberra ACT and moved to South East Suburbs of Melbourne along with my mother and brother when I was 10 years old. Both my mum and big brother are now living in NSW but I love Melbourne, except for the cold, rainy winters 😊

What got you into this industry?

I was bought into the industry by a family friend who was working for Headland as the Logistics manager, quite some time ago now, to work predominantly in the customer service side of the business.

What do you love about working with manufacturers?

I have always loved the idea that I am helping to contribute to the Australian Manufacturing industry. Many of our customers are family owned companies that have built themselves from the ground up and that’s inspiring to me.

There is always some new innovation and/or product in this rapidly changing industry so keeps the job always interesting.

How long have you been with Headland?

I started with Headland in 2007 – so coming up to 13 years now!

I have worked in pretty much every aspect of the Spare Parts department and have been involved in assisting the project team manage machine installations.

Headland is a big part of my adult life – since starting in 2007, I have been married and had two beautiful children.

What do you love about the job?

I love the culture at Headland. Everyone is dedicated to working hard but is also up for a chat and laugh. I have made some life long friends working at Headland, in fact, one is now Godmother to my son 😊

It is a fast paced working environment, where all team members are willing to help each other out and to get in and give any task a go.

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