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The Next Big Thing in 3D Metal Printing

The Next Big Thing in 3D Metal Printing

The Best 3D Metal Printing Machine in the Industry

Are you satisfied with the quality of the output from your metal 3D printing machine?  

Stay ahead of the competition and ensure you produce optimum quality 3d metal objects using the latest and greatest technology in the 3D metal printing machine market. Headland Machinery is committed to providing top quality, innovative technology solutions to its clients, and is constantly researching the latest trends in the market to fulfill client needs.

The next big thing in the industry? Australian manufacturer SPEE3D has become synonymous with top quality 3D printed metal objects thanks to their high calibre machine technology.

Read on to see how SPEE3D is shaking up the industry.

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3D Printed Metal Objects in Minutes

Introducing the next big thing in 3d metal printing technology.. SPEE3D!

Founded by Byron Kennedy and Steve Camilleri, their aim was to eliminate the three biggest challenges in the 3d printing process – speed, cost and repeatability. By tackling these three crucial areas, they have succeeded in making manufacturing easier for hundreds of companies worldwide.

Each of the below 3D printed metal objects took just 11 minutes and 38 seconds to produce, at a cost of $6.85. The same parts would take many, many hours to print and be prohibitively expensive for a single part using traditional 3D metal printing machine.

The SPEE3D Effect

So how did they tackle speed, cost and repeatability?

Through their unique technology. SPEE3D is the world’s first metal based 3D printer which utilises supersonic particle deposition in 3D (SP3D in short). This unique technology manufactures fast, low cost, near net shape parts suitable for commercial and industrial applications. It is ideally suited for producing 3D printed metal objects for use in the automotive, mining, commercial, HVAC and industrial industries.

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spee3d metal parts printer

Talk to one of our experts to see how SPEE3D’s technology can improve your output, saving you time and money and increasing productivity.