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The new TruPrint 5000 Green Edition: Unique combination of the green laser and additive manufacturing


This system is an industrial 3D printer that has been optimised for series production. It is equipped with a green laser that is crucial for copper processing, and a pre-form that enables hybrid production. This combination of features makes the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition a powerful tool for industrial production.

Higher quality than comparable machines

TRUMPF has taken a major step forward in 3D printing technology with the introduction of the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition. Equipped with a green laser for the first time, this system is capable of processing large copper components with greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before. According to Roland Spiegelhalder, product manager at TRUMPF, the green laser is essential for processing copper, and the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition is the perfect solution for users who need a system with larger installation space. The system is energy efficient and repeatable, making it ideal for series production. With the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition, users can produce large copper components faster and in higher quality than with comparable machines using infrared technology.

Cost reduction

The new TruPrint 5000 Green Edition allows for hybrid production, meaning that components can now be manufactured additively. This reduces cost, as users can print special functions such as cooling channels onto milled or cast components. In large installation spaces, maintenance technicians can also repair turbine blades additively. “For this, the system has to work particularly precisely. This is made possible by our Preform system, which is based on a sophisticated camera system,” says Spiegelhalder. The Preform Advanced variant has additional sensors and operates automatically.

“This enables series production of hybrid components,” says the TRUMPF product manager.

High-quality parts and components with minimal waste

For many years, one of the main challenges in additive manufacturing was the wide variation between machines. However, TRUMPF’s TruPrint 5000 Green Edition has made significant progress in this area, allowing the production of identical components from different machines. This has enabled users to produce high-quality parts and components with minimal waste and with a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, TRUMPF’s software has enabled users to create complex parts and components easily and quickly. This has made additive manufacturing more efficient and has opened new possibilities for the future. It is clear that TRUMPF has made a major contribution to the development of this technology.

Precision work due to Multilaser

The TruPrint 5000 Green Edition is equipped with three fibre lasers, allowing it to produce metal components at an even faster rate. This multilayer principle is like writing with several pencils at the same time, according to Spiegelhalder. However, it is a difficult task to make sure all the lasers in the system are accurate within a few micrometres. TRUMPF has created the Automatic Multilaser Alignment system to ensure perfect calibration of the lasers. This system allows the lasers to measure themselves during the construction job at a chosen interval and adjust their position independently. This saves time and increases accuracy, making it especially beneficial to the aerospace industry with its high-quality requirements. This function also allows the TruPrint 5000 Green Edition to measure and recalibrate itself before and after each build job. It is no longer necessary for a service technician from TRUMPF to come to the machine to do this.

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